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GRECO STROM's Medical mattresses are made to the dimensions of your choice. Hospital mattresses can also be made to special technical specifications at the request of hospitals or other institutions.

  • Memory Foam 70kgr/m3 - 3cm
  • Foam rubber 35kgr/m3 - 7/9cm
  • Complies with Directive 2009/598/EC (par. 2)


Visco (memory foam), the material developed by NASA that truly brings space technology to modern mattress manufacturing.

This material has the ability to slowly return to its original shape after pressure is exerted on it, so that weight is evenly distributed on the mattress and proper support of the spine and good blood circulation are achieved.

With its additional layer of foam rubber, the Visco Med mattress makes the best and most economical use of Visco's particular characteristics.

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