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GrecoStrom feather pillows transform sleep into a delightful journey in the world of sensation. Their excellent elasticity and their silkiness combined with their thermoregulating features and the international hygiene standards they meet with, bring them to your highest preferences.

It a fact that wings and feathers help maintain the proper body temperature by blocking sweating. This is the reason why ducks and geese are able to survive wearing the same “costume” from the Carribean to the Poles.
Even though they are characterized by their white color, the “heart” of the pillows is green since they are a 100% natural product, biodegradable, recyclable and friendly towards the environment. In addittion, they have been certified for their antimicrobial, antibacterial and hypoallergenic features. The purchace of a feather pillow can be considered as a longterm investment since it is characterized by its excellent durability.


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Dimension 50x70 cm
95 €
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