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Pillow. An important selection.

Medical studies confirm that one of the most significant factors for ideal sleep is the proper posture. More specifically, the spinal cord and the cervical spine in particular should be aligned. Choosing an appropriate pillow will help alignment since it covers the gap between the head and the mattress. Therefore, the right pillow is absolutely necessary in order to acheive comfortable and relaxing sleep. If someone sleeps on their back, they need a soft or medium pillowto avoid bending their spinal cord as much. Likewise, if someone is used to sleeping face down, they need a soft and low pillow so that the head can turn during sleep without applying a lot of pressure on the neck. In case,though, someone sleeps on their side a higher and harder pillow supporting the head and keeping the spinal cord aligned will be needed. For someone without a specific sleep posture the use of two soft or two medium pillows would be advisable whe sleeping on the side or one when sleeping face down or on their back. Knowing the catalytic role of a pillow for ideal sleep Greco Strom went ahead with the creation of a complete line of pillows which perfectly meet with your every need.
Toppers. Reaching Perfection.

Perfecting the ideal conditions of sleep is what leads our every step. So, in order to offer the people who trust us the ultimate sleeping experience, we went ahead with designing and producing special mattress toppers. Toppers are placed over the mattress with the purpose of enhancing the elevation of its special features to the maximum, elevating sleep to the utter sensation of comfort and luxury.
Protective covers.

Even if we have the ideal mattress, it is important to protect it with special covers can so that it can provide us with all its special features during sleep for a long time. The special Greco Strom mattress covers protect the proper maintenance of the mattress hygiene conditions and in the meantime they extend its life expectancy. This occurs because during sleep our body sheds flakes of skin, sweat and various body secretions allowing the development of germs. The best way to ensure healthy, clean and safe sleep, isto choose one ofthe Greco Strom protective mattress covers.
Reclining Mechanisms.

The GRECOSTROM reclining mechanisms came to offer valuable moments of relaxation and rest toeach and every one of you. Meanwhile, they can reduce problems related with blood circulatory conditions, problems of the spinal cord and limbs, but also gas reflux, offering great relief to those using them. Another significant use has todowith post operative patient rehabiliation.


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