Cocolat Double


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Cocolat Double

GRECO STROM's Medical mattresses are made to the dimensions of your choice. Hospital mattresses can also be made to special technical specifications at the request of hospitals or other institutions.

  • Rubberized coir with a density of 70kg/m3 and thickness of 6cm
  • Natural rubber with a density of 58kg/m3 and thickness of 2cm on one side and 4cm on the other


Technology and eco-friendly materials that make up the main layers of the Cocolat Double Med mattress: a layer of coconut fiber enriched with natural rubber to create a dense mass with excellent orthopedic action, due to its ability to respond to the pressure exerted on it; and two layers of latex (natural rubber) with specially designed notches that allow them to offer good air circulation, great durability and perfect anatomic behavior by creating seven different hardness zones so that each part of the body (head, lower back, and so on) is supported as it should be.

The latex layers have a different thickness, allowing the mattress to be soft or hard!

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